Work work work work…yeah that’s all that came in my mind when I posted these pics. Well this being my first ever post ,had to honour one of my baddest women ever- bad girl Riri yeey!. Ain’t she just awesome, I mean yeah she’s  got lots of haters but truth be told,people are always hating whether you doing good or bad so we might just as well throw ourselves on the couch and continue living. Riri  is  the  kind  of  gal you’d  notice  in  a  crowd  even  if  you  didn’t  wanna,always  looking  good  whether she’s  on  her pj’s  or  rocking  a  red  carpet  outfit…mmh  such  an  inspiration.
Bad girl  Riri  always  breaking  fashion  rules  huh,  the  reigning  queen  of  the  naked  red  carpet  looks of  all  time.  I  mean who  would  ever  forget  this  kinda  look  that  rihanna   rocked at  the  CFDA’s in 2014. She made  a grand  entrance  in a  racy  lime  green  backless dress(The Swarovski crystal-studded Adam  Selman gown), got  people  talking about  this nude look  for a  while  now. This  outfit  begs  the  question; why  wear  clothes  at all? I mean  if  being  nude  rocks  this  much,  we might as  well stop dressing up, right? Wifey  still  looking  fine  as always  in  glitz  and over 21,6000  Swarovski crystals, she sure deserved  the  fashion icon  award. SLAY  RIRI  SLAY❤❤❤
So  yesterday I  was  up  all  night curled up  in  bed  thinking  out loud  about  what  my  first post  would  be  about. Got  me writing down topics,reading, even  singing…lol, “how  do  I  come  up  with  a  topic?”. Been  thinking about  getting  beyond  limits  in  life,got  me  thinking  about when  I  was in  high school. I was  pressured  into  choosing  one  faculty  for my  university degree,some  of  my  friends  too  had  nervous  breakdowns  when  their  folks  wanted  them  to  study  law,  them.  And  yeah  I  had to  go  for  a  degree  in  commerce  and  study  all the  way  but  had  myself  thinking,why  would  I put  myself  inside  a  box? I  just  wanna  reach  out  and  do  more  that  there is, no  restrictions, just me  and  the  world. I  believe  that  our  place  in  this  world is valuable  only  if  we  work  for  what  we  love  from  passion, which  is  arguably  so true.
I  feel  like  my  life  has  just  suddenly  started,why? Because  I  am  finally sharing  it  with the  world, relating  with  other  people  through  my  thoughts ,getting  to  meet  new  personalities  and  probably  impacting  lives. Since  I am  blogging  about  the  topic  I  LOVE  and  practice  everyday of  my  life,my  addiction  to fashion…nothing makes me  happier.
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  1. Yas! I fell in love with this dress the moment I saw it, and it i could find it, I would MOST DEF rock it! It is bold and beautiful!

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